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Contact Sue at the salon Directly for an appointment at:  707.433.5696

You may also contact the stylist of your choice directly:

Andrea: 707.228.4028                           Jenny: 707-849-9266                      

Salon Tips

Arrive Early
Always try to arrive a few minutes early for your scheduled appointment to allow yourself time to check in, relax for a minute or drink some tea. 

Bring a Photo
Our stylists Love to see those photos that you find of hair styles or color that excite you. Your stylist will be able to adapt a suitable look for you even if the look may not work with your particular hair type. Showing your stylist photographs of styles and colors allows your stylist to become more familiar with your individual likes and dislikes.

Hair Habits
Do You Have a hair habit? Whether you tuck your hair behind your ears or pull your hair into a ponytail these are all useful elements for making your new style work for you.

have you tired of your hair Products? Your stylist will be glad to make recommendations for products that will assist you in maintaining your desired look. 

Cell Phones
Please refrain from using your cell phone while at salon melrose. We Provide a relaxing environment for our clients and we enjoy exchanging conversation with our customers and hope you will too!


New Stylists Welcome

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